"A fabulous violin. It has wonderful visual qualities and, for me, the tonal core sound that is often missing in 99% of violins that I come across."

Leland Chen, Violinist

"I have had enormous pleasure playing my violin. The capacity of its timbre and tonal quality are stunning."

Samson Diamond, Halle Orchestra

"My admiration goes out to Garth. In just a few years he has achieved a level of craftsmanship in the art of violin making that many luthiers do not reach in a life-time."

Glen A. Collins, Master Luthier

"I was delightfully surprised to see and play a violin by Garth Lee. The violin was extremely well crafted with a fine hand and excellent attention to detail. The sound was warm, powerful, even, and easy to play, throughout the range of the instrument."

Karl Stobbe, Associate Concertmaster, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

After four years of study in England, Garth Lee has recently returned to Winnipeg and will continue to work as a maker and repairer of string instruments. You are invited to try an instrument or, if you need a new set-up, bow re-hair, or crack repaired, please call or email to make an appointment.

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